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Friday, January 12, 2007


Our offices are suppose to be closer now, but in fact hubby's office and mine are miles apart. Hiks...
One good thing is that in the morning, the traffic to his office is not so bad, thus he can still drive me to my office. But the problem lies in the afternoon. If I want to go home with him, I have to wait until around 7 PM (which is devastating, coz I don't want to be stuck in the office THAT long, work will keep coming my way if I stay until late, exposing myself longer to the mean evil sales :'( ). If I don't wait, I'll have to go home by taxi. First of all, we all know that taxis are not that safe in Jakarta, second, they cost a lot! To get home I have to pay around 50 thousand rupiah. Times 5, I'll be spending 250 thousand rupiah per week! It's waay more expensive than driving your own car. I can't drive now, not with this huge belly bump (with baby princess inside :p . And that's still one and a half month to go (amiin2 hope everything's well). Huuuhh... jangan2 what we're hoping can add to our saving malah kepake habis sama this whole additional travelling cost (gas and highway ticket for hubby and taxi for me).
Right now, I'm day dreaming about me, driving again, not depending on other people or taxi to go wherever i wanna go, in my new matic car *crossing my fingers so that this'll come true soon*.

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K-SAN said...

Kapan mo beli matic car mbak?
You have to tell me and I'll give you advice more... hehehe :)